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  1. Lighter, smaller and more convenient
  2. Unique frame design makes it solid and durable
  3. Unique way of dry ice distribution cause fluent dry ice flow
  4. Special light system on applicator makes cleaning more thoroughly


  1. 0.6”ID compressed air hose 8m
  2. 0.6”ID blast hose 6m
  3. CB2000 applicator with control cable
  4. Specified nozzle to best suit cleaning application needs


  1. Isolated hopper (at least 20kg capacity)
  2. Fixed feed rate (0-2.0kg/min)
  3. Compressed air pressure range (5-10bar)
  4. Compressed air flow required (2-4m3/min)
  5. Weight : 125kg
  6. Size(L×W×H): 82cm×42cm×96cm
  7. Single hose
  8. Power: 200-240VAC, 1ph(50/60Hz), 6.3amps

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